2021 Model Vespa Primavera Picnic concept model looks funny and cute.

2021 Model Vespa Primavera Picnic  concept model looks funny and cute. 
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Piaggio basically in March 2021 has Released another of their Diversification Model for the Vaspa Matik product model. This time, see, they provide several accessories that have a function and atmosphere as well as a special nuance, namely for a picnic. . be Vespa officially released the Vespa Primavera Picnic MY2021 variant

Piaggio Meng- create concept of "Vespa Primavera 150 Picnic" is "Enjoy the moment anytime, anywhere" expressing the Italian lifestyle really. The Picnic Scooter concept was born from the idea of ​​being close to every lifestyle, such as relaxing in nature and having fun with friends.

Then we can see for yourself that on this vespa primavera Picnic Both the front shelf and the back shelf are decorated with brown straps to give it a rustic and chic look. This rope according to tmcblog has a function to tie some picnic equipment such as a mat or a picnic bag.

Oh yes, the picnic concept itself comes from the French word “pique –nique” and represents a social gathering activity where participants share food. A picnic together means you can expect people for fun and moments of togetherness, spending time with friends and family, relaxing in the shade and in the sun, and exploring the world outside of a busy city.

And lastly, the beauty of this scooter is highlighted by the presence of white rims both in front and behind and also BTW white footrests, see some Vespa dealerships in Jakarta itself. Open PO has also been opened for this Primavera Picnic variant since last month -

the difference anywhere? We can see that there is a Beige strap belt on the seat. The seats of the Vespa Primavera 150 Picnic are designed with special materials and colors.

Taufik of BuitenZorg | @tmcblog

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