2021 kawasaki is to start preparing The Ninja 700R to compete the Aprilia RS600.

 2021 kawasaki is to start preparing The Ninja 700R to compete the Aprilia RS600. 
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In recent yamaha stated that they are going to work on YZF-R7 and there is one more segment in Yamaha bike 700cc is MT07.
Recently they have suspended their one of the famous bike Yamaha YZF-R6 to release YZF-R7.
In the same way the KAWASAKI is also going to work on ninja 700R.

It is rumored that the Ninja 700 R will take advantage of the two-cylinder inline engine currently used in the Ninja 650 and increase its displacement to 700 cc so that it can increase its performance to the limit set by the A2 license in Europe, which is 95 hp.

The chassis will use the same high tense steel multitubular used by the Ninja 650. However, the Ninja 700 R will have some details that are clearly superior to the radial four-piston calipers from the Nissin brand, Upside down Showa front shock adjustable compression, tension and preload, Full-LED lighting, with a full Body design inspired by the designs released by the ZX-10R 2021 and of course a more sophisticated electronic part with the IMU that will put the Ninja 700 R on the same level as the new Aprilia RS 660.

In addition, in this segment the diversification is wider with the presence of European manufacturers such as the last Aprilia RS660 which with its Triple Engine can achieve Performance Mileage in the form of a maximum power of 105 hp along with top-level electronics (traction control, cornering ABS, anti-wheelie ...) which can be built is at the top of the medium class pyramid Big bike sport on the market.

Not satisfied with the ZX636 it looks like Kawasaki doesn't want to be outdone. Their high Pride in the Motor sport segment makes Kawasaki feel they have to serve the development of increasingly fierce competition after the release of this Aprilia RS660. According to the German Magazine - Motorrad, Kawasaki is allegedly preparing the figure of the Ninja 700 R

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