2021 All new Honda superCub C125 model first look Reveled

2021 All new Honda superCub C125 model first look Reveled.

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In addition to the Honda Monkey 2021 which comes with new graphics and engines, Honda Thailand also introduces the Honda Supercub C125 and the new color of the CT125 MY2021. 
For the CT125, it is informed that Honda Thailand only presents the latest submarine Green color, but for the Honda C125 it turns out that the status of the news that the bloggers receive carries the title "All new" as well.

According to AP Honda, to add to the comfort side of the duck motorbike whose design was inspired by the first generation of the 1958 Supercub, they added an additional seat on the rear side for the pillion so that they could team up.

At its launch at the Cub House dealership, it was seen that the new Gentle Black Matte New color was present as an additional color choice besides the Blue and Gray colors that were previously released. 

So suspicious, where's the new machine? Estimated tmcblog Thailand Thailand only changes the cylinder parts of the 125 cc engine water cooled for the C125 and CT125 from initially using the dimensions of the combustion chamber which adopts Bore x stroke 52.4 x 57.9 mm to be the same size as the Monkey 125, namely Bore x Stroke Piston 50 , 00 x 63.1 mm. . or have a ratio that's getting Over the stroke.

What is also still searching for data is that AP Honda Thailand states that the engine embedded in the New Supercub C125 and CT125 MY2021 is a new engine . . but what you see from some photos when it is released is in the outer shape such as the Crank shaft, the location of the oil hole, the location of the oil filter, all of which are still similar to the old C125. .

in general. If in Thailand it changes, then in Indonesia it will also change. . Please wait for the AHM announcement regarding the figure of the new Honda Monkey 125, C125 and CT125. .

Until now, Tmcblog has not found the data specs regarding the C125, if it is clear, we will update it later, friend.
However, the Crankshaft and the Olinya body are still the same, and according to tmcblog, this indicates that there is a possibility that the C125 MY2021 will still use a 4-speed transmission system.

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