2021 All New Africa twin 1100cc three riding models explained in details.

Acbiker :

i'm sourav pandey with american honda here with the 2020 africa twin in this video we'll take a look at the new africa twins different riding modesas well as the different screen display types.

if you haven't seen it yet we recommend you first check out our electronics controls video which goes over the basics of how to use this system if you're looking for information on how to customize your electronic settings.

we have a video for that too riding modes are basically different groups of electronic settings
each of which is tailored for a different riding application having riding modes allows you to quickly switch between these groups of

which is much more convenient than having to change each setting individually.

there are six riding modes on the new africa twin four that have some settings preset
and locked for different riding applications and two that are more customizable tour mode this preset riding mode is for everyday cruising offering covering many miles on a ride weighed down with passenger and or adventure gear in general it has a decent power delivery middle of the road engine braking and stiffer suspension
urban this second preset riding mode is for riding around town usually without a load compared to tour.

it has less power 
the same engine braking and medium suspension stiffness softer than tour gravel this third preset riding mode is for dirt roads so smooth terrain but with limited traction

it has the least power to avoid spinning the rear tire the suspension is soft to maximize traction.
the rear abs is turned off to reduce the chance of skidding the rear tire under

braking : off-road as the name suggests this preset riding mode is for riding in true off-road conditions where terrain is rougher than dirt road but the traction might be a bit better compared to the gravel riding mode the off-road mode has the same engine

but more power and suspension gets stiffer as the stroke speed increases the rear abs can be turned off or on while in this mode user one where some of the settings are locked with the first four riding modes user one is a more customizable mode!that you can set up exactly how you like you can see how to do that in our customization video user two in addition to user one there's a second customizable user mode which you can set up for a different application for example you might have user one setbup for your favorite on-road settings and user two set up for your favoriteboff-road settings

there are three different display typesnfor the africa twin the gold display has a majority of the information for those who really want to see everything the silver display rearranges the layout a little bit differently so that you can only see what you want to and the bronze display is for those who just want the basics you get the
tachometerm and your main settings in order to
change the display type you simply hold back on the page button it goes to the sub menu go down to select settings go to display select display mode and you can easily chang each menu on each mode to return to the main screen just tap the page button so that's our primer on the new africa twins riding modes and display screens have fun playing around with them and finding which riding mode you like best as well as which display screens you prefer remember always refer to your motorcycle's owner's manual which is available for free at acbiker.online thanks for


and enjoy your ride


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