New Yamaha FZ-X concept model.

India is another country in the world with a population of motorcycles as one of Asia's top major vehicles, as well as being one of Asia's top selling and buying power motorcycles. And one segment with fierce competition is the car in the way ADV in a small coordinate that is becoming very popular today.

From the imagination of D by Akash, it is clear that the FZ-250 is integrated into the Tenere 700 and has been changed in the front of the whole new car. New front lamps Wind shield Including the rear suspension that has been changed from the original Especially in the front that has extended the length of the shock absorber Reinforced with a strong spoked wheel With semi-off-road tires both front and rear And the set under the engine from the Tenere 700 whole set

Including that the car looks perfect in Indian style But this is not an official render of the Yamaha FZ-X in any way.Personally, I think that if Yamaha India itself would adopt the concept of D by Akash with the actual model, it would be. Ever available. 

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