Government forced many manufacturers to update their bikes.

now euro 5 emissions regulations have forced many manufacturers to update their bikes this yearand envy have sought to clean up their 800 triples with an entirely new exile system the good news for punters though is that they've managed to maintain an impressive peak power figure of 140 horses by making further changes to the engine internals there are now higher pressure fuel injectors and some new low friction coatings on some of the components in order to improve efficiency for reference the 2021 ducati monster makes 111 horsepower from its 937 cc twin the triumph street triple rs is similar in layout and capacity to the mvs and that makes 121 horsepower peak whilst the recently updated yamaha mt09 with its 890 cc triple makes 119 horsepower that's why the mvs are so impressive with a high reving triple that produces its peak at 12 300 rpm

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