2021 Suzuki Hayabusa finally Launched in Thailand market.

Acbiker : All New Suzuki Hayabusa, New Look, To Be Launched In Thailand Later This Year All Imported From Japan!

As for the exterior design of the car, the All New Suzuki Hayabusa continues to come in a full-fairing superbike approach. There is a compact line of the car. But many details It still clearly tells us that it is the legendary Hayabusa, whether it is the design of the front lights, fairing around the rear cover, etc., but it also has improved aerodynamics.

The engine is rated at 1,340cc, 4-cylinder DOHC, bore x stroke, 81 x 65mm 4-stroke, with maximum horsepower of 187.7 BHP at 9,700 rpm and maximum torque of 150 NM at 7,000 rpm. Per minute, driven by a 6-speed gearbox, can reach a top speed of 299 km / h, in fact, the engine of this specification can certainly achieve a higher speed. But it has been restricted from the manufacturer The fuel tank capacity is 20 liters together.

The features of the car All New Suzuki Hayabusa has been designed a new nozzle. To improve the performance of the acceleration in the early to mid speed range even better than the previous look. It works with the Ride-by-Wire electric throttle and comes with a variety of driving modes such as SDMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) that separate controls for acceleration, traction, brake engine, wheel control, etc. Users can also set their own custom as well.

In front of that display The car model is a large color TFT. But the tachometer and speedometer are still analog. Which believe that many users People likely will still like this format. In combination with a digital display screen for other notifications In addition to this In addition, it is also equipped with a six-axis IMU, cornering ABS system that can be set at various levels. Cruise control system, automatic speed control Brake control system Rear wheel protection Car control system while uphill.

Although the car will still use the original chassis. But the subframe has been revamped for a 700g weight reduction and the KYB upside-down 43mm front suspension, Brembo brake pump for gripping the 320mm wider front disc brakes. The original 10mm and has been optimized for cooling better as well.

All New Suzuki Hayabusa opened the price at about 680,000 baht when converted to Thai money. As for Thailand, we will have a price at what Must continue to wait and follow during the launch.

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