2021 Honda CBR650RR finally launched in malaysia

2021 Honda CBR650RR finally launched in Malaysian market with slight changes to this model.

Two of Honda's most popular big bikes in Malaysia have received a few notable updates for 2021. Initially launched in the market in 2019, the Neo Sports Cafe CB650R and the middleweight sportbike CBR650R have become popular options in the middleweight segment all across the globe, and in Malaysia in particular. The two bikes set themselves apart from the competition thanks to their inline-four engine, and substantially higher output. 

While other bikes in the 650 segment feature either v-twin or parallel twin engines, the CB650R and CBR650R boast inline-four mills which make all the right noises loved by motorcycle racing enthusiasts. Additionally, their power outputs of 93.8 horsepower put them closer to the big leagues when it comes to performance. Additionally, the bikes come equipped with high end components such as Showa inverted forks as well as an adjustable rear monoshock. 

For 2021, Honda has updated the CB650R and CBR650R to feature a few notable revisions. For starters, the suspension has been upgraded with a new 41mm Showa Separate Function Big Piston inverted fork up front. A revised pressure separation damper in one tube mated to a spring mechanism on the other provides superb suspension response which delivers better riding feel, bump absorption, and overall control. Another creature comfort found on the new bikes is the integration of a USB Type-C socket for charging mobile devices. A newly designed LCD instrument panel is also featured, however it isn't yet a full color TFT display. 

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Tech updates aside, the bikes retain their overall styling and performance. The 2021 Honda CB650R is offered in two new colors, too—Candy Chromosphere Red and Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic. The CBR650R on the other hand, retains its existing color schemes of Grand Prix Red and Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic. The fully faired CBR650R comes with a sticker price of RM 45,499, or the equivalent of $11,266 USD. The Neo Sports Cafe CB650R comes at a slightly lower price of RM 43,499, or the sum of $10,771 USD. 


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