2021 All new Honda PCX 160 is up with new Tri colour.

2021 All new Honda PCX 160 is up with new Tri colour. 

 The booming problem of the four CBR series (CBR150R, CBR250RR, CBR600RR and CBR1000RR-R) with the Tricolor HRC graphic is indeed booming this week. When only present at Big Bike the impression is still ordinary, but when AHM presents this Color on small 150 and 250 cc motorbikes, this is clearly something unusual. Yep, the Intangible Value really feels, Consumers feel like they have and feel close to the Racing Corporation Brand (company) which is structurally independent of this Honda Motor. However, many also hope that this Tricolor option will also be present in other Honda Motorcycle variants. .

And it turns out that Motoblast has already rendered how to estimate if the new motorbike released by AHM, namely the Honda PCX160 ABS, uses this HRC oversize livery. Sebat can see how the Red Base Color is combined with the other two complementary colors of HRC's Tricolor RWB. The proportionality is really good and it is clear to see the results of the rendering made by Mas Joko. Indeed, this PCX160 deserves to be Alvaro Bautista's and Leon Haslam's Paddock Scooter at WSBK 2021.

The next question is, Could this Typical Racing color be present in product variants that don't have Heritage racing such as PCX scooters, Forza and Vario as graphic options on motorbikes that are sold?

Talking about tricolor Red, White, Blue (RWB) from HRC, it turns out that from time to time it is actually not only now that AHM presents this color combination. In the previous year, AHM actually presented this Tricolor color in the CBR150R, CBR250R and even in the Honda CB10R streetfire variant, there was one. however, his Tricolor RWB combination at that time used a white base color while red and blue were the complementary color combinations.

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