2021 All new Harley Davidson pan America launched.

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The Official Launch Of The New Harley-Davidson Pan America The Starting Price Is About 514,000 Baht!

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End of waiting when the camp giants like Harley-Davidson Has officially launched their first adventure motorcycle, New Pan America 2021 in the United States. Which knocked the price out at 17,139 US dollars or converted to Thai money, about 514,000 baht together.

For the New Harley-Davidson Pan America is a full-fledged adventure adventure car. By setting the height of the car And sitting position in driving to suit both riding and standing riding. Including a hand card inserted Adjustable headlights, dampers, tire pressure monitoring system Semi-active front and rear suspension With vehicle weight control system The electronically controlled rear suspension can be set up to five levels, while the engine power is rated at 1,252cc, the V-Twin, delivering a compression ratio of 13: 1, up to 150 horsepower. At 9,000 rpm and maximum torque of 127.45 Nm at 6,750 rpm.

While the brake pump of the car is a 4-piston, twin 320 mm front discs, 280 mm rear, 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, are fitted with Michelin-branded tires designed to To have the best grip for this car The display is a 6.8-inch touchscreen TFT, covered with anti-glare glass, so the screen can be easily read at all times. It can connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems for receiving and making calls. Message management system Including navigation system.

There are five driving modes available: Road, Sport, Rain, Off-Road and Off-Road Plus, which will adjust the power transmission of the vehicle and manage the engine braking system, ABS brakes and control. Cornering according to the needs of the driver In addition, there is also an automatic cruise control system, cruise control.

As for Thailand, we will have to wait and wait to see when this model will be released. If there is progress, we will update you soon.

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